Centred around ideas of soft power, singular beauty and selfie culture, Your Silky Armour is an ongoing interview series where sisters Karla and Sandra connect with women they find to possess a rare kind of elegance they are after at Moré Noir to talk about what it is that makes them elegant warriors in a world that’s lost its manners. They then ask them to take their self-portrait wearing a piece from their core swimwear collection.
Read on to meet our modern muses.

Renata Zandonadi

RENATA ZANDONADI is a Brazilian-born fashion model and fellow Marangonian we connected with years ago and instantly loved. She lives and works in downtown NYC.

Lydia Zacharis

Greek-born LYDIA ZACHARIS is a dear friend and Senior Buyer at Net-A-Porter. One of the most sophisticated young women we’ve met, she lives and works in London.

Elena Vasilieva

ELENA VASILIEVA is a Russian-born producer and creator of some of the most poetic digital stories we’ve come across. She resides and works in Brussels.

Sirma Markova

SIRMA MARKOVA is a Bulgarian content maker and stylist we love to work with. She has a background in the arts, an unerring eye for all things beautiful and is based in Sofia.