As a young label born amidst the whirlwind of change this last decade has been, our mission is to make consciously made pieces that would last and bring you joy over many season as opposed to just one. And while that may be in conflict with Instagram's hunger for newness as well as the swim category itself, we believe in building beautifully curated wardrobes one carefully made piece at a time. And because duality is so passé, we’d rather eschew the slow vs fast fashion conundrum and make pieces that are quality as opposed to time based instead. A different approach altogether rooted in meticulous, specialist, human work. 
At Moré Noir we believe in the importance of being kind. To our team, our customers and the environment alike. And because part of that is being honest, with ourselves and others, we kindly ask your guidance and support in adopting the best practices we possibly can to keep giving you beautifully crafted contemporaryclassics – by way of how they’re made in addition to how they look. A way that feels contemporary and in line with the challenges society is facing and allows us to do good in addition to looking the part.
Made Close to Home in Fair Working Conditions
Our pieces are made in a specialist atelier in the very heart of Sofia where a small team of people we now call family work to bring our dreams to life and give you the very best we have to offer. That allows us to not only save on time but also minimise our carbon footprint by way of operating what is our tightly knit, locally based operation.
Using Regenerated Nylon
We are delighted to be introducing sustainability to the collection by way of using ECONYL® regenerated nylon made with waste from oceans and landfills, such as fishing nets, carpet fluff, and fabric scraps, and guaranteeing for thoughtfully made products that generate no waste and waste no valuable resources. To go the extra mile, ECONYL® is Oeko-Tex certified, so there are no hazardous chemicals used in dyeing the fabric.
With Our Customers at the Heart of What We Do
Much like with with any other relationship, communication comes front and center in navigating the one with our customers. Getting an early sense of demand through our newly launched pre-order feature empowers you and helps us more accurately predict and align our efforts with your wishes. What’s more, it allows us to get to know you better and be more customer-centric in making you active stakeholders informing our design process. Further down the line, this translates into the minimising of all kinds of waste by allowing us to be agile and focus our efforts and money where it matters most.